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June 27, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Future of Work Series Episode 1

In this six episode series, ASCI Lounge host, Monique Fenech, invites experts to the lounge for clarity around the future of work for supply chain management. In this episode, we get technical, with CEO of SYSPRO, Rob Stummer, setting the scene for what's to come. 

This series is based on the Six Degrees "What makes a great supply chain" research project conducted this year in partnership with Australian Food & Grocery Council. ASCI2019 is our annual member conference in Melbourne, 17-19 September 2019, set to carry this theme into two days of discussion and learning with our own set of research findings and experts. Don't miss your opportunity to equip yourself with the foresight to take your team into the future of work. Early bird price ends 19 July at just $1,899 for ASCI Members. Download the program brochure from the website today!

There are host of free series available through the ASCI Membership Community: Leadership Series (including the annual Leadership Challenge); Networking Breakfasts Series; Roundtable Series; Site Visit Series; Webinar Series and more. Find them in our monthly newsletter.

Now has never been a more important time to flock together as a supply chain community to embrace the change and turn it into a win/win for all. Become an ASCI Member today for an EOFY special price of $250 using the promo code EOFY2019 at the last stage of the checkout when you purchase 12 months of ASCI Membership online.

June 20, 2019  

ASCI Lounge | GM Operations Jeremy Birt on ASCI Membership

In this episode, Monique Fenech invites ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, and GM Operations for Nick Scali, Jeremy Birt, to the ASCI Lounge to find out why it's an important time to be a member of ASCI and the benefits of the program for supply chain managers.

There's an EOFY discount for membership - subscribe for just $250 before 30 June 2019 using the promo code EOFY2019 in the checkout when you buy ASCI Membership on our website.

ASCI Networking Breakfast: Sydney FC COO keynotes a leadership and supply chain disruption discussion on Tuesday 25 June at 7.30am - email 

ASCI Networking Breakfast: Melbourne workshop on quality conversations to improve organisational outcomes and progress your career  on Wednesday 26 June at 7.30am - email

ASCI2019 Awards - enter your submission now! Categories and criteria are found at where you can also register to our conference in September.

Last chance to join the APICS CPIM Part 1 & 2 Online Certification review classes that commence in August - email 


June 13, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update | President now Registered Practitioner

ASCI's CEO, Ivan Imparato, joins Monique Fenech on the ASCI Lounge today to share some exciting news. Henry Brunekreef, ASCI President, is now a Registered Practitioner! In other news, our Education & Professional Development suite just got a whole lot broader with some new offerings; and lastly, upcoming events in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne are set to  drive engagement and learning amongst our member community! Brissy has a site visit to Cochlear, thanks to our sponsor SYSPRO. 

More about Henry's Practitioner Registration, click here

More about APICS and Semester Two, click here

More about the new course offerings, click here

ASCI Networking Breakfasts in June (register to these free events via

  • 21 June - Perth: Inventory Sharing across Australian Oil & Gas
  • 25 June, Sydney: Leadership & Disruption keynote from Sydney FC CCO
  • 26 June, Melbourne: Quality Conversations to Improve Organisational Outcomes to Advance Your Career

ASCI Site Visit: Cochlear 9 July

Don't forget to share your successes and be recognised by entering the ASCI2019 Awards, click here which are due before 24 June 2019!

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May 30, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update | Leadership Series

In this latest podcast for May, Ivan Imparato shares the key take aways from the ASCI Leadership Series panel discussion on "Making an impact on leadership capacity." Being a leader in supply chain is a privilege not an entitlement. LinkedIn post comments about the event are here. 

ASCI May Newsletter:  

Links to certification schedule and diagrams is at 

Links to the ASCI2019 Awards submissions is at DUE 24 July

Links to ASCI2019 conference tickets with Early Bird discount of $1,799 until 28 June is at 

Not yet a member? Links to member benefits and registration for just $275 is at 

May 23, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update plus Education Update

In this latest episode we are joined by Ivan Imparato, CEO and Clint Bertenshaw, Head of Operations from ASCI on the ASCI Lounge for a flashback from the week that was and a forward glance into Semester 2 and some exciting new professional development courses to round out your supply chain repertoire.

Deadline for APICS Online Certification Review Courses with ASCI is 16 June. Go to: 

Deadline for early bird prices for ASCI2019 is 31 May. Notation submissions for ASCI2019 Awards is 24 June. Go to: 

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May 17, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update with Award Spoiler, Salaries and What’s On

Ahead of next week's ASCI Awards announcement, ASCI CEO Ivan Imparato gives ASCI Lounge subscribers a little sneak peek, sharing the rich history behind the ASCI Awards; recognition of supply chain greats; and how you can get involved through nomination open next week. More info available on the ASCI2019 website.

Our partners ASCM have launched a salary survey - Ivan shares his thoughts around what gives you a cutting edge. You can get the full story in our blog here.

Also Ivan shares his excitement in next Wednesday 22 May's ASCI Networking Breakfast panel discussion event "e-Commerce and its effects on logistics." Don't miss this great networking opportunity and learning experience, thanks to our hosts Michael Page.

When: 7.30am for registration and breakfast. Finishes at 9.30am

Where: Michael Page - Level 19, 600 Bourke St, Melbourne

Cost: Free for ASCI Members and their guests | $25 Non Members


To become a member, simply visit our website and purchase 12 months for $275.



May 9, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update with Alastair Pennie

This week, ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, is joined on the ASCI Lounge with Alastair Pennie of Six Degrees who shares the premise for the Future of Supply Chain survey in partnership with ASCI and AFGC. You have five more days to take the survey and receive the free copy of the report.


Look out for our upcoming podcast series of six interview with industry experts, analysing the survey results. This podcast series will be proudly Brough to you by SYSPRO Australasia.

The remaining part of this podcast features Ivan Imparato and his experience at ASCI's collaboration partner, AME, and their conference: Leading Through Excellence and Innovation Conference 2019 where he came across an interesting segment testing the future of your business!

April 30, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update

This week, ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato talks further about future skills in supply chain and how project management and supply chain have a lot in common. Check out our ASCI2019 conference website which follows on with this theme (17-19 September 2019 in Melbourne) and take our latest survey to determine your thought on what makes supply chain great. Click here to complete the survey.

May has a load of free events for members. Take a look at our latest newsletter on our website to find events in your capital city to register your teams.

If you are not yet an ASCI Member, join today for just $275 for 12 months of free events for you and your guests. We look forward to seeing you soon!

April 11, 2019  

ASCI CEO Update Episode 6

In this latest episode, Ivan Imparato, CEO, ASCI continues the discussion on robots taking over the world and talks about an article which encourages stop-think-plan framework.

April 4, 2019  

ASCI CEO Update Series Episode 5

In this podcast, ASCI CEO Ivan Imparato addresses a devastating statistic featured in the AFR this week: Robots to take 6.5 million jobs (1/4/19).

In a timely fashion, it segues into ASCI's conference theme, Leadership Series and Networking Series events from May onwards until September, and a national member survey in partnership with AFGC and Six Degrees, launching this week to address "What makes a great supply chain and how will the industry evolve in the future." Look out for the survey and please tell us what you think. 

Read more in ASCI's news release and register your teams to all the free events featured in this link as attachments to get involved!


If you are not a member, now has never been a better time to join our community of supply chain leaders. Click here to become an ASCI Member for just $275 per annum. 

March 28, 2019  

ASCI CEO Update Episode 4

ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, shares the week that was, including the launch of ASCI's March Newsletter featuring a photo gallery of the ASCI Community at events including International Women's Day. He shares why best practice knowledge will position you well for supply chain transformation. 

Download the March Newsletter as you join Ivan on the ASCI Lounge!

March 28, 2019  

Short Term Integrated Tactical Planning - a Masterclass

Mike Reed, Managing Partner, Oliver Wight, joins us on the ASCI Lounge to share a how to masterclass via podcast on "The Short Term Integrated Tactical Planning Process" in a nutshell. A great professional development expertise for your commute!

For further information, visit the Oliver Wight website for white papers:

Integrated Tactical Planning - Rod Hozack

March 21, 2019  

ASCI CEO Update Episode 3

This week, ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, welcomes new ASCI Corporate Members; shares his experience at the ASCI Networking Breakfast Series event this week in Melbourne; and challenges members to think about including customer service departments into the S&OP/IBP process. 

If you missed the two minute ASCI video launched this week, click here to watch!

March 14, 2019  

ASCI CEO Update Series Episode 2

Ivan Imparato, CEO, ASCI, recaps on his first week at the helm and his take on the ASCI Leadership Series events for International Women's Day.


Article of interest: Three Vs

March 14, 2019  


James Hargraves, Business Development Director, Adjuno, joins us on the ASCI Lounge to address the hot topic of sustainability; the regulatory environment; and the role of technology for sustainability and compliance.

James' career spans global 3PLs, focusing on international supply chain design and optimisation through SCM technology solutions.

Further reading can be found out:

Adjuno video: James Hargraves talks Adjuno solutions

Adjuno blog: The Sustainable Palm Oil Puzzle

Adjuno solution: Raw Materials Timber

Adjuno solution: Ethical Trade 


March 6, 2019  

ASCI CEO Update Series Episode 1

In this new ASCI Lounge podcast series "CEO Update" we hear from Ivan Imparato, ASCI's CEO, on what's happening at ASCI and its progress towards professionalising supply chain management. 

According to Henry Brunekreef, President, ASCI, Ivan’s appointment demonstrates the board’s commitment to deliver our vision, mission and strategy, that is, to elevate the Supply Chain Management field as a profession and a professional community in Australasia. You can read more about his appointment on the ASCI website

Look out for weekly episodes in this series!

March 6, 2019  

Establishing a great demand review with Oliver Wight’s Mike Reed

In this podcast interview ASCI's Monique Fenech interviews Oliver Wight's Managing Partner, Mike Reed, to cover the essentials of a great demand review: what are the characteristics; how  statistical forecasts should be used; whats is consensus demand planning; how we should we use assumptions and deal with uncertainty when we plan? A must download podcast! 

Attend our upcoming ASCI Networking Breakfast event with Mike Reed on Supply Chain's role in the S&OP Process in Melbourne CBD on 20 March. Register via 

Further reading is available from the Oliver Wight website when you register for white papers:

  • Demand Review – Tell the Story (Colleen Crum)
  • Realising the Full Potential of Demand Planing – Parts 1 & 2 (Rod Hozack)
  • Effective Demand Planning (Peter Metcalfe)
December 18, 2018  

Retail Analytics

Next time you visit your favourite retailer store, ask yourself why they're located where they are. Matt Copus, Head of Retail Analytics - Australia - for CBRE's Advisory & Transaction Services (Retail) division knows why, and a whole lot more about you, the customer, too. He joins us on the ASCI Lounge to share his 17 years of experience in retail analytics. He tells us how big data and digital channels are combining with more traditional demographic data to provide unrivalled insights that drive revenue growth for clients. 

Hosted by Monique Fenech, ASCI 

December 13, 2018  

Sales & Operations Planning

Daniel Kohut, Director, Solutions Advisor at JDA, joins us on the ASCI Lounge to share his sales and operations planning expertise starting from his career pathway, to the present day and the importance of professional development for supply chain experts in the midst of an era of digitisation transformation.

For more info click through to:

December 3, 2018  

Advanced Analytics

Tim Williamson, Regional Director for Logility, shares his views on the obstacles implementing or running advanced analytics; the top business priorities; and how much companies are spending to get analytics right. This 20 minute interview with unpack analytics delivering a seemingly simple way forward for you and your organisation. 

To test your analytical ability, attend the upcoming ASCI Networking Breakfast Series to participate in a free advanced analytics workshop for ASCI Members with Tim and clan on 27 February 2019 in Brisbane and 16 April 2019 in Sydney. Register at 


Fore more information about Logility's solution, head to: