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August 5, 2019  

ASCI2019 Conference Plug: International Keynote Mike Chaffins has worked in 30 countries

August 5, 2019

International keynote Mike Chaffins, Senior Director of Supply Chain and Purchasing, Nikola Motor Company, joins host Monique Fenech all the way from Arizona for an exclusive interview. Having lived and worked in over 30 countries, Australia has never been one of them. He shares his sheer excitement to visit down under and rattles off a list of presentations he is keen to hear at ASCI2019.

Mike's 27 years of supply chain experience has yielded some very proud moments of which he shares in this exclusive podcast interview, including the blocked steel import tariffs due to his advocacy and influence within legitimate channels under the George W Bush administration back in 2002. His negotiation degree from Yale might have something to do with that success! 

Nikola Corporation designs and manufactures electric vehicles, vehicle components, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle drivetrains. Mike's keynote presentation at ASCI2019 on 17 September at 9.30am is "The 80 / 20 Rule to Transforming Global Relationships – From the Appalachians to the Australian Alps" including:

  • Navigating from corner to corner in a flat world
  • Enlarging the Global Pie
  • Collaborating Horizontally

Don't miss this opportunity to meet Mike! Conference tickets are on sale now and include a discounted ASCI Membership to keep the value coming all year round. Register today at or call 02 9247 6000.