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September 12, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update | ASCI CEO pledges: One Industry, One Voice

September 12, 2019

In today's ASCI Lounge Update, ASCI CEO Ivan Imparato pledges a new concept reflecting on the current state of play in the supply chain community in Australia. He says "One Industry, One Voice" is a pledge that should challenge all of us to think about collaborative efforts if we are serious about growing the community.

In light of this, ASCI2019 is a conference that brings together many associations and industry bodies to learn, network and share with one another in the wake of massive disruptions and changes in our supply chains. But yes, there will be some element of competition as each team vies for the ASCI Leadership Cup. You can still buy your tickets at 

Don't forget to finalise your plans for Term 4 study which has a registration close of September end. Visit our website for the details and costings or email 

See you at the conference!