ASCI Lounge: Talking Supply Chain

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April 22, 2020  

ASCI LOUNGE: Saxon Phipps, Founder of Year 13 talks career choices for Gen Z

April 22, 2020

We take a side step this week, to interview Saxon Phipps, Founder and Director of Year 13, Australia’s largest digital platform for over 1.5 million high school leavers each year. In today’s podcast, we introduce Year 13 to our corporate community and explore how they are fast becoming major influencer on the next generation of supply chain professionals into our community. 

ASCI and our corporate members, FourPL - Supply Chain Specialists, are currently working with Year 13 to develop a clear career pathway for young people into supply chain management via their platform, like a one stop trusted shop for options into the career (watch this space). 

Year 13 will be hosting a virtual career fair during Careers Week in May. Visit heir website to see how you, as an employer, can get