ASCI Lounge: Talking Supply Chain

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December 11, 2019  

ASCI LOUNGE: 2019 Award winner for Excellence in Transport & Logistics

December 11, 2019

In this podcast, ASCI Lounge host Monique Fenech is joined by Helene Hennequin, from Schneider Electric's Pacific Control Tower and winner of the 2019 ASCI Award for Excellence in Transport & Logistics.

Helene explains what it's like to work in a control tower; how it differs from a supply chain dashboard; and how it has evolved over time, increasingly improving benefits to internal and external stakeholders. Helene paints a practical picture of its challenges, future opportunities, and how it has been a great way to bring customers to the centre of decisions made on a daily basis. It is very deserving that Schneider Electric's Control Tower has been recognised for excellence in 2019. Well done Schneider Electric! 

Helene Hennequin can be contacted via LinkedIn

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