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September 24, 2019  

ASCI Lounge: Musings of a Supply Chain Globetrotter

A recent article in the AFR reported that Generation X is producing a new wave of CEOs who are far more international than their US counterparts and are more likely to have been promoted from within.

In our latest podcast ASCI Lounge host, Monique Fenech interviews Scott Theuerkauf, Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Provider at Hastings Deering, about his successful supply chain management career across continents. Though he is not a CEO, Scott agrees that international experience is of the utmost importance for supply chain managers for the future.

Scott has 15 years of experience working in the construction, mining and heavy machinery industries across a variety of supply chain management roles including procurement, logistics and operations for companies including Commercial Metals Company, Rio Tinto and Caterpillar.

In his current role at Hasting Deering, Scott is responsible for end to end supply chain optimisation projects that improve supply chain performance, drive profitable growth and build new capabilities and functional excellence in the buying, renting, selling and support for Caterpillar machinery in the construction & mining industries. 

Scott relays his experiences working across some tough terrains but he also shares the soft skills he acquired a long the way and how they've helped in his current role.

He gives some encouraging advice to young practitioners in supply chain - the world's your oyster!

APICS Certifications are globally recognised and offer you the chance to live and work overseas in supply chain. Check out our certification page on our website and take your global career move now! Term 4 registrations are closing next week!

September 12, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update | ASCI CEO pledges: One Industry, One Voice

In today's ASCI Lounge Update, ASCI CEO Ivan Imparato pledges a new concept reflecting on the current state of play in the supply chain community in Australia. He says "One Industry, One Voice" is a pledge that should challenge all of us to think about collaborative efforts if we are serious about growing the community.

In light of this, ASCI2019 is a conference that brings together many associations and industry bodies to learn, network and share with one another in the wake of massive disruptions and changes in our supply chains. But yes, there will be some element of competition as each team vies for the ASCI Leadership Cup. You can still buy your tickets at 

Don't forget to finalise your plans for Term 4 study which has a registration close of September end. Visit our website for the details and costings or email 

See you at the conference!

September 11, 2019  

ASCI2019 Plug | Rosalyn Gladwin talks IT contracts, supply chain digitisation & ethics

In this last ASCI2019 Plug podcast we meet Rosalyn Gladwin, Principal of Gladwin Legal and ASCI2019 presenter on Investing in Cost Efficient IT Contracts. Rosalyn hints to hot tips and tricks for understanding the fine print so that you don't get caught out. Her presentation alone could save your company thousands of dollars!! She points to two highlights in the ASCI2019 Conference Program: Paul Martin's Shell presentation on digital supply chains with respect to legal aspects; and the Day 1 panel on ethical supply chain strategies with respect to the legal implications of suppliers. 

If you haven't already secured your ticket for ASCI2019 don't delay! Tickets are on sale for a few more days at 

If you want to learn more about Rosalyn's legal practice, visit her website or reach out to her on LinkedIn.

September 5, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update | ASCI CEO addresses a skills shortage in supply chain

In this exclusive 10 minute ASCI Lounge podcast, ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, refers to a recent study by DHL which addresses the skill shortage in supply chain and the need for a focussed effort on talent management. In the podcast, Ivan shares the various causes for the skills shortage and some viable solutions for building strong supply chain teams for your organisations. There are just 10 days until our annual conference ASCI2019 which covers this exact theme. Join us at Pullman Melbourne on the Park: 

Ivan stresses the importance of upskilling our supply chain - a topic he recently covered in our August Newsletter. There's just two weeks until Term 4 Registration closes for APICS certification. In the podcast, Ivan explains which certification is right for you. Refer to the options for certifications and study methods on the ASCI website at or request a quotation today via 

The DHL article is available here.

August 29, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update: Your guide to the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme

In this episode, ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, offers a simple guide to the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme. ASCI is the Professional Accreditation Body for the Australian Supply Chain industry. As such, we are asking the entire industry to become registered. Why? It has benefits at many levels:

  • on an industry level; professional registration raises the integrity of supply chain management, bringing the very best talent into our profession;
  • on an organisational level; professional registration reduces risk and raises the profile of supply chain amongst the senior executive board members.
  • on an individual level; professional registration offers supply chain executives professional indemnity, professional development, an ethics management process and the reputation that comes with practicing as a professional within a community.

In this podcast, Ivan covers:

  • What is the scheme?
  • What does it include?
  • What does it mean for me?
  • How do I become registered?
  • How do I maintain it?
  • How do I become a professional after registration?

More information is found at the ASCI website or via our email 

Pathways exist for those who are not ready for registration. APICS certifications are a way to bolster your eligibility. If you’re considering starting or completing your certification journey in 2019 this is the last chance to get into an Online Certification Review course until 2020. APICS Online Certification Review Courses:

  1. Open for registration and commence in the first week in October.
  2. Registrations close September 22nd, 2019
  3. Classes are delivered weekly over 3-hour sessions 7-10pm Sydney Time.
  4. All classes are delivered by an APICS Accredited Facilitator who not only has held and maintained their certification but has industry experiencein the Asia Pacific region.

To support you, ASCI is offering Discount Bundles that are available to ASCI Plus members. Bundles include the Learning System, Online Certification Review course registration, Exam Credit AND Free Retake Exam Credit (if required). Great prices and Great value. Contact 

Our annual survey The State of Supply Chain Management is open for a few more days. Don't delay or you will miss out on receiving a free benchmark tool for your supply chain. Take the survey in a few bites -the software will take you back where you left off.

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August 27, 2019  

Future of Work: A Lion’s Share of Leadership Tips for Supply Chain

In this final Future of Work podcast, ASCI Lounge host Monique Fenech invites Jason Barclay, Logistics Director for Lion Dairy & Drinks to share his thoughts on the leadership qualities required to tackle future technological changes to our supply chains. Eloquently and thoughtfully, Jason shares a positive outlook on the future and provides pragmatic approaches to applying innovation and technology into the supply chain.

Jason has a long career history with BlueScope, BHP and Coles, before Lion.  From moving steel to moving milk, Jason stresses the value of best practice end to end supply chain management knowledge for transferring skills across industries and diversity of opinion for organisations.

Don’t miss our two for one offer to ASCI2019 to be held from 17-18 September 2019 at Pullman Melbourne on the Park for more leadership topics and presentations. Contact:

ASCI thanks Six Degrees, AFGC and our sponsor, SYSPRO, for this podcast series to communicate the findings of the report: The Future of Supply Chains.


August 19, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update: Act Professional!

In this latest ASCI Lounge episode, ASCI CEO Ivan Imparato urges supply chain managers to act professional for the benefit of their career, their organisation and their industry as a whole. What does it mean to act professional? Commit yourself to professional standards that exist outside of your organisations but rather those with which represent your profession, found on our website here. Not ready for it? Ivan says everything we do at ASCI is designed to create a pathway for you to become registered as a practitioner in either logistics, operations or procurement and meet our professional standards. Our education certifications help close some of the gaps to be eligible, and Semester Two closes soon, so follow the link below to register.

APICS and ISM certification registration 

Take our 25 minute member survey to provide a benchmark on The State of Supply Chain Management in Australia. 

Join the ASCI Community at our annual conference ASCI2019 with international keynotes from Nikola Motor Company; Whirlpool; UN World Food Programme and more. Register before 30 August to receive a $100 saving!

August 12, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Future of Work Episode 4

In an exclusive interview with ASCI Lounge host, Monique Fenech, Supply Chain Director for Johnson & Johnson, Stefan Brugger, shares his views on The Future of Supply Chain Management Report findings which revealed that 55% agreed that Australian workers respect Supply Chain leaders in their organisation. Respect, says Stefan is rewarded in three ways:

1. Earned credibility from consistently delivering on supply chain expectations

2. Think-outside-the box (silo) of your supply chain to add value to sale, marketing, finance or human resources

3. Have an enterprise approach, always helping the business outcomes in everything you do

Stefan has a proven track record of success spanning 29 years at Procter and Gamble and Johnson & Johnson throughout the world with specialist expertise in Regional Central Planning as well as Manufacturing Planning Procurement, Rough Cut Capacity Planning, Master Production Schedule, Distribution Resource Planning and warehouse and distribution.

Stefan has worked in Germany, then UK, China for 7 years Singapore for 12 years and now Australia. He says the Australian supply chain community is one of the best in the world. Join the community through Australasian Supply Chain Institute and its annual conference, ASCI2019, from 17-19 September 2019 at Pullman Melbourne on the Park and surround yourself with excellence. 

To join the community for $275, register via the ASCI website today!

To register to ASCI2019, visit the conference website before 30 August 2019 to save $100.

August 8, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update: ASCI CEO takes stance on supply chain trends

This week, ASCI CEO Ivan Imparato reinforces the critical immediacy of global best practice supply chain management knowledge across the community. Without this, he stresses, our supply chains will not be able to cope with the sophistication that new trends bring to supply chains, leaving us unable to harness their full investment and potential. 

What is global best practice supply chain knowledge? Well over 130,000 supply chain practitioners across the world say its the APICS Body Of Knowledge because they have sought out APICS Certification as baseline terminology for their organisations. Check out our latest newsletter about study with APICS here in Australia, click here.

Baseline performance is also a topic in this podcast, The State Of Supply Chain Management Report is an annual report partnering with UTS Business School, that allows us to measure our community across eight areas of supply chain management. Take the survey (you can take several sessions without losing your place) and in 25 minutes you can have a benchmark of your supply chain performance against the industry's once the report is launched at our annual conference. Take the survey here.

According to our previous podcast with international keynote, Mike Chaffins, Nikola Motor Company, our conference ASCI2019 program, compiled by our ASCI Advisory Board (corporate members), is filled with capability and technology topics to give you tools and techniques to meet skills gaps in your teams. Hurry to meet early bird discounts off registration before tomorrow, 9 August 2019 for best prices. Contact Akolade on: 02 9247 6000.


August 5, 2019  

ASCI2019 Conference Plug: International Keynote Mike Chaffins has worked in 30 countries

International keynote Mike Chaffins, Senior Director of Supply Chain and Purchasing, Nikola Motor Company, joins host Monique Fenech all the way from Arizona for an exclusive interview. Having lived and worked in over 30 countries, Australia has never been one of them. He shares his sheer excitement to visit down under and rattles off a list of presentations he is keen to hear at ASCI2019.

Mike's 27 years of supply chain experience has yielded some very proud moments of which he shares in this exclusive podcast interview, including the blocked steel import tariffs due to his advocacy and influence within legitimate channels under the George W Bush administration back in 2002. His negotiation degree from Yale might have something to do with that success! 

Nikola Corporation designs and manufactures electric vehicles, vehicle components, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle drivetrains. Mike's keynote presentation at ASCI2019 on 17 September at 9.30am is "The 80 / 20 Rule to Transforming Global Relationships – From the Appalachians to the Australian Alps" including:

  • Navigating from corner to corner in a flat world
  • Enlarging the Global Pie
  • Collaborating Horizontally

Don't miss this opportunity to meet Mike! Conference tickets are on sale now and include a discounted ASCI Membership to keep the value coming all year round. Register today at or call 02 9247 6000.


July 30, 2019  

ASCI2019 Conference Plug: Jason Tisbury’s interest in linkages between S&OP and Industry 4.0

ASCI Lounge host, Monique Fenech, is joined by Jason Tisbury, General Manager - Supply Chain and Quality for Bucher Automotive which is part of Bucher Municipal Pty Ltd, a leading manufacturer of municipal vehicles. Jason shares his interest in the keynotes for ASCI2019 including Paul Dawson, Nestle on S&OP as well as Ishan Galapathy's Industry 4.0 and how these two areas fit in together. He shared his own presentation on Day Two in the Supply Chain management stream on "Developing an agile and adaptable supply chain management system." and how his organisation has had to adapt to shorter lead times.

ASCI2019 Conference is to be held 17-19 September 2019 at Pullman Melbourne on the Park. 

Jason has a Master Black Belt and is author of 7 Steps to a Lean Business. He says every business can realise their growth potential through the implementation of effective lean business systems. We look forward to meeting Jason at ASCI2019!

To register and download the conference program, visit before 9 August 2019 and save!

July 23, 2019  

ASCI2019 Conference Plug | Ishan Galapathy talks ethical Supply Chain

This new podcast series offer 10 minute plugs for why you should attend ASCI2019 to be held 17-19 September in Melbourne. Keynotes presenters will share their conference highlights and what delegates can expect from their own presentation. In this first episode, Ishan Galapathy shares his anticipation for ethical supply chain topics spread throughout the program as well as advice on how delegates can grow into global markets. 

Not shy of global market growth himself, Ishan has 20 years of experience in supply chain with the last 15 years specialising in the food sector in global regions with multinational companies such as Kellogg’s and Campbell Arnotts. He has a wealth of knowledge in the field of Productivity Improvement and Leadership Development, working across six countries for nearly two decades. He is a National Board Member for Association for Manufacturing Excellence and will present on Industry 4.0 on Day 1 in the Operations stream.

Check out the ASCI2019 program at and download the program. Register before 9 August 2019 and save.

July 18, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update | Professionalisation

In this latest episode of the ASCI Lounge Podcast Channel, host Monique Fenech is joined by ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato and ASCI Head of Professionalisation, Dr Pieter Nagel, to share the latest information on ASCI's mission to Professionalise Supply Chain Management.

Don't  miss our ASCI2019 conference early bird rates available until Friday 19 July - save $100. Register and download the program at

Don't miss your chance to be recognised by industry by nominating your organisation or leader to ASCI2019 Awards. Download the nomination form at 

July 11, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Future of Work Episode 3

In this six episode series, ASCI Lounge host, Monique Fenech, invites experts to the lounge for clarity around the future of work for supply chain management.  This series is based on the Six Degrees "What makes a great supply chain" research project conducted this year in partnership with Australian Food & Grocery Council. Download the report here. In this episode, we interview Alastair Pennie, Associate Director, Six Degrees about the report findings.

ASCI2019 is our annual member conference in Melbourne, 17-19 September 2019, set to carry this theme into two days of discussion and learning with our own set of research findings and experts. Don't miss your opportunity to equip yourself with the foresight to take your team into the future of work. Early bird price ends 19 July at just $1,899 for ASCI Members. Download the program brochure from the website today!

July 5, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update | NSW Chapter President

Joining podcast host, Monique Fenech, and ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, on the ASCI Lounge today is NSW Chapter President, Brendan O"Keeffe who shares the role of the President in light of three President elections taking place in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. He introduces his Chapter committee members and tells us what's on in July for NSW Members.

Don't miss out submitting your supply chain project into an ASCI2019 Award! Nominations are due 19 July - the same date for early bird end for ASCI2019 Conference tickets. The conference is to be held in Melbourne from 17-19 September and will be themed "Unleashing Human Excellence to deliver value across the supply chain." For both, visit

July 4, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Future of Work Episode 2

In this six episode series, ASCI Lounge host, Monique Fenech, invites experts to the lounge for clarity around the future of work for supply chain management. In this episode, we quiz one of the industry's best minds about the role of supply chain management: Venkata (Subra) Subramanyan, Head of Planning and Logistics ANZ for Kellogg Australia. 

This series is based on the Six Degrees "What makes a great supply chain" research project conducted this year in partnership with Australian Food & Grocery Council. Download the report here.

ASCI2019 is our annual member conference in Melbourne, 17-19 September 2019, set to carry this theme into two days of discussion and learning with our own set of research findings and experts. Don't miss your opportunity to equip yourself with the foresight to take your team into the future of work. Early bird price ends 19 July at just $1,899 for ASCI Members. Download the program brochure from the website today!

June 27, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Future of Work Series Episode 1

In this six episode series, ASCI Lounge host, Monique Fenech, invites experts to the lounge for clarity around the future of work for supply chain management. In this episode, we get technical, with CEO of SYSPRO, Rob Stummer, setting the scene for what's to come. 

This series is based on the Six Degrees "What makes a great supply chain" research project conducted this year in partnership with Australian Food & Grocery Council. ASCI2019 is our annual member conference in Melbourne, 17-19 September 2019, set to carry this theme into two days of discussion and learning with our own set of research findings and experts. Don't miss your opportunity to equip yourself with the foresight to take your team into the future of work. Early bird price ends 19 July at just $1,899 for ASCI Members. Download the program brochure from the website today!

There are host of free series available through the ASCI Membership Community: Leadership Series (including the annual Leadership Challenge); Networking Breakfasts Series; Roundtable Series; Site Visit Series; Webinar Series and more. Find them in our monthly newsletter.

Now has never been a more important time to flock together as a supply chain community to embrace the change and turn it into a win/win for all. Become an ASCI Member today for an EOFY special price of $250 using the promo code EOFY2019 at the last stage of the checkout when you purchase 12 months of ASCI Membership online.

June 20, 2019  

ASCI Lounge | GM Operations Jeremy Birt on ASCI Membership

In this episode, Monique Fenech invites ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, and GM Operations for Nick Scali, Jeremy Birt, to the ASCI Lounge to find out why it's an important time to be a member of ASCI and the benefits of the program for supply chain managers.

There's an EOFY discount for membership - subscribe for just $250 before 30 June 2019 using the promo code EOFY2019 in the checkout when you buy ASCI Membership on our website.

ASCI Networking Breakfast: Sydney FC COO keynotes a leadership and supply chain disruption discussion on Tuesday 25 June at 7.30am - email 

ASCI Networking Breakfast: Melbourne workshop on quality conversations to improve organisational outcomes and progress your career  on Wednesday 26 June at 7.30am - email

ASCI2019 Awards - enter your submission now! Categories and criteria are found at where you can also register to our conference in September.

Last chance to join the APICS CPIM Part 1 & 2 Online Certification review classes that commence in August - email 


June 13, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update | President now Registered Practitioner

ASCI's CEO, Ivan Imparato, joins Monique Fenech on the ASCI Lounge today to share some exciting news. Henry Brunekreef, ASCI President, is now a Registered Practitioner! In other news, our Education & Professional Development suite just got a whole lot broader with some new offerings; and lastly, upcoming events in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne are set to  drive engagement and learning amongst our member community! Brissy has a site visit to Cochlear, thanks to our sponsor SYSPRO. 

More about Henry's Practitioner Registration, click here

More about APICS and Semester Two, click here

More about the new course offerings, click here

ASCI Networking Breakfasts in June (register to these free events via

  • 21 June - Perth: Inventory Sharing across Australian Oil & Gas
  • 25 June, Sydney: Leadership & Disruption keynote from Sydney FC CCO
  • 26 June, Melbourne: Quality Conversations to Improve Organisational Outcomes to Advance Your Career

ASCI Site Visit: Cochlear 9 July

Don't forget to share your successes and be recognised by entering the ASCI2019 Awards, click here which are due before 24 June 2019!

To become an ASCI Member for just $275, click here

May 30, 2019  

ASCI Lounge Update | Leadership Series

In this latest podcast for May, Ivan Imparato shares the key take aways from the ASCI Leadership Series panel discussion on "Making an impact on leadership capacity." Being a leader in supply chain is a privilege not an entitlement. LinkedIn post comments about the event are here. 

ASCI May Newsletter:  

Links to certification schedule and diagrams is at 

Links to the ASCI2019 Awards submissions is at DUE 24 July

Links to ASCI2019 conference tickets with Early Bird discount of $1,799 until 28 June is at 

Not yet a member? Links to member benefits and registration for just $275 is at